Hello girls
make-up share! Finally!
Yes with the all videos on YouTube for a make-up of “st valentin” I got caught up and today I propose you 3 look to make pound the heart of my (beigecutysweet)!

enjoy the share and see you!

Look 1: bleumoon

PIC_0319 PIC_0324 PIC_0323


Look 2: deep regard

PIC_0327 PIC_0328

last look: pinkily




Yes the wax is and well!

hey  to speak to you about fashion without speaking about the wax for a Senegalese would be nosens! Thus the first post of this page is totally dedicated to my love for the wax!
Since  2 years on the catwalks, red carpet, in the street, In Europe, in States Unies, in Great Britain Everywhere the Afro Printed matters of the WAX became IN!


Our favorite stars quite became a follower of this style making us discover to us African the numerous manners to modernize our traditional attires!


Personally the total look Wax does not enchant me too much however accessories in WAX I am completely SENILE there! I thus chose to show you one of my accessories WAX favorite!

· The bag in Wax: buy at LYDS a mark(brand) of accessories wax availableImage

Agnes Is ready!

First article of the blog , thus I am not going to break the rule!

Who I am?

Tening Agnes Diouf, 29 years, Communications manager

Betrothed with beautiful Savoyard ! one light brown hair ❤

under construction of a life healthy, beautiful, soft and filled with love!

Where I life?

I am has DAKAR capital of SENEGAL a country situated on  West  Africa!
My country is known for its political stability, its culture ” AKON, Youssou NDOUR “, his beautiful women and recently for FASHION!

Why a blog?
To share and show you marvels which we have and   inspire some of you